"Tom" XuHui Jing - Creativity & Technology Specialist

I am a fourth year undergraduate from University of Victoria, starting my career in the tech industry.

Nice to Meet You

Hello! I'm Tom Jing, a seasoned professional in the realms of graphic design and technological crafts.

With a profound passion for both technology and creativity, I've dedicated my career to exploring the nexus of these domains. My unique skill set spans from detailed project conceptualization to meticulous execution, with every stage marked by innovative thinking and a deep attention to detail.

In the field of custom poster design, I specialize in crafting captivating, personalized designs for various events and parties. My objective is not just to create a poster, but to encapsulate the soul of each event in a visually engaging artwork that leaves a lasting impact.

Beyond graphic design, I am an avid creator in the world of technology and craft. From intricate DIY projects to cutting-edge tech developments, I am constantly experimenting, learning, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

With every creation, my goal is to inspire and stimulate curiosity, encouraging others to engage with technology and crafts in ways they never have before.

Thank you for visiting. Whether you're here to commission a piece of work or explore my portfolio, I look forward to sharing my world with you.